UPDATE November 2019

nebland software is rebranding as GridFabric and we've launched a new website gridfabric.io. Our oadrservices site (this site) will be shutting down and redirecting traffic to the GridFabric site.

Looking for a VTN?

Our Canvas VTN is offered as a cloud SaaS or self hosted. Please visit the Canvas (OADR 2.0a/b VTN) GridFabric page for more information.

The VTN virtual machine image is no longer available. Do to an overwhelming need for support and updates to the virtual machine image, we launched a cloud service to more quickly meet customer demand. Our Canvas cloud service comes with a 2 week free trial.

Looking for a VEN?

Our Plaid (OADR 2.0b VEN) provides a fast path to compliance. Our customers are able to implement NOVA from conception to compliance in weeks.

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OADR VTN 2.0a/2.0b Virtual Machine Appliance

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Key Features

  • Download a fully functioning virtual machine appliance created by the EPRI OADR VTN developer FREE
  • Based on the compliance-tested EPRI OADR VTN with bug fixes and enhancements
  • Useful for VEN and VTN developers, energy researchers, utilities, and others


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The OADR VTN Virtual Machine Appliance by nebland software is a ready-to-run instance of an OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b VTN.

Click the image to the left to access a sample instance of the VTN. Login credentials for the sample are provided on request.

Documentation is available here.

What is a VTN Virtual Machine?

OADR VTN 2.0a/2.0b Virtual Machine Appliance

A virtual machine appliance is software executing on a virtual machine instance. We are offering an OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b VTN based on the compliance tested EPRI open source VTN, running as a virtual machine appliance. VirtualBox ™ and VMWare ™ both offer software that can be used to execute the appliance. Click the image above to access a sample instance of the VTN.

We created this product with the realization that vendors, researchers, utilities and others need access to a low cost VTN. While the open source software from EPRI is a great start, it can by very difficult to install and configure. Because our offering is running as an appliance, the VTN is available immediately without a complicated install, and will run on Windows, Linux, or OSX.

New Features

In addition to a few bug fixes, this first release contains a new machine-to-machine API framework. The framework allows the VTN to communicate with any system that can communicate over HTTP. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Automate testing with your VEN
  • Create events from external systems
  • Serve status information to external systems

In order to take advantage of the API framework, you must be familiar with Ruby on Rails, and an understanding of the VTN code structure is helpful. By purchasing support or opening a software development services contract, we can help with these items.

Who are the target users?

For Developers

Developers creating a VEN can use the VTN to test their product. In addition to manual testing, the VTN can be incorporated into a continuous integration system to perform automated end-to-end testing. Developers creating a VTN can use the software as a reference implementation.

Have multiple developers? No problem: run as many instances as needec.

For Researchers, Managers, Energy Management Employees, Utilities and others

Interested in studying or deploying demand response software? Here are a few use cases:

  • Study the OpenADR protocol
  • Test VENs in a lab environment
  • Test DR control strategies
  • Demand response management server for a pilot

Through the API feature, the VTN can be automated and integrated with any environment.


Download for Free

The virtual machine appliance is a free download, available from the downloads page. In order to access the downloads, you must create an account. Once logged in, you will have complete access to all downloads.